Couples Only

Kevin and Mary have been married for 10 years. They have four children. Kevin is not finding his work meaningful and Mary is getting ready to re-enter the work force after being a “stay-at-home” mother for the past 6 years. They are committed to working out their differences about their ideas about family roles and varying parenting styles but don’t feel they have the time to talk about their life goals without conflict. They are finding themselves avoiding the talking to keep from a fight-not wanting to “rock the boat” in a busy house. They both have their private thoughts about their own needs, goals and hopes in life but do not share them with each other.

They are not alone. Many couples, no matter if the challenges are raising a family, retirement, sexual satisfaction or other life goals, struggle with intimacy and working together to foster a mutually satisfying life style. Talking helps.

Couples Therapy: Rediscovering Each other Despite everyday Obstacles

  • Decision making
  • Cooperative Parenting
  • Mutually Satisfying Sex
  • Planning short and long term life goals
  • Settling on financial goals
  • Developing Intimacy

Parenting Together

  • Understanding Behavior
  • Gaining an Ability to Set Limits
  • Meaningful Communication
  • Creating a Nurturing Environment
  • Assessing What a child needs

Starting therapy often comes with many concerns. Beginning can become more difficult for one member of a couple. It can be helpful to begin alone to help another to begin.